The Difference Between Trump And Trudeau’s Response To Mexican Earthquake Speaks Volumes

It’s been a bad month for natural disasters. As media coverage struggles to keep up with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia alongside the massive forest fires in Los Angeles and Oregon, Mexico’s recent 8.1 earthquake which killed over sixty people hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

It might have helped if the President of the United States made any kind of statement at all on the disaster, perhaps sending condolences to our southern neighbor and offering some support for Mexico, who stepped up to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. 

But Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted or made any kind of public statement about the earthquake at all. White House officials have said they’ve “sent their condolences” but have not yet offered any kind of help to the people of Mexico in their time of need.

Thankfully, there’s always Canada’s Justin Trudeau ready to step in and show Trump how a real leader behaves, who took to Twitter to publicly offer his support for Mexico.

It’s infuriatingly petty and cruel for Trump to not even offer any kind of support for Mexico after the Mexican government went out of its way to help after Hurricane Harvey. It’s gratifying to see Trudeau step in to fill the leadership void until we can get rid of Trump once and for all.


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