Bannon Just Said He’s Not Racist ‘Cuz He Went To Integrated School, But There’s A Problem

In his interview with 60 Minutes, former White House Chief Strategist and former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon denied he was a racist, claiming that was impossible because of his background.

“I went to an integrated school,” Bannon told interviewer Charlie Rose, “a Catholic school.”

Bannon acted disgusted that he would be called a racist despite his record at Breitbart News and in the White House as a proponent of some forms of white supremacy.

“I don’t need to be lectured by a bunch of…limosine liberals…from the Upper East side of New York and from the Hamptons, OK.”

The high school in Virginia that Bannon attended is the Benedictine School, a military academy for boys,” which means it was already segregated by having no female students.

Over the years Bannon has repeatedly cited his education at an “integrated” school in an “integrated” neighborhood as proof he cannot be a racist.

However, a look at the Benedictine yearbook for 1972, the year Bannon graduated shows an almost all white student body. CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski took the trouble to count how many people of color were actually in Bannon’s graduating class.

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