Trump Just Arrived In Hurricane-Stricken Florida And Immediately Showed His True Colors

President Trump left Washington D.C. for Florida today to visit areas ravaged by Hurricane Irma. But we have a feeling that the millions of people who had to evacuate from the areas deluged with historic rainfall aren’t going to be comforted by his message.

Upon landing in Fort Meyers, the President of the United States rightfully congratulated the Coast Guard and FEMA for saving thousands of lives before pulling a bizarre pivot to the political and announcing that he wants Florida’s notoriously corrupt governor Rick Scott to run for Senate.

You’ll notice there’s no condolences for the victims, no words of leadership and grand pronouncements celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over the unfeeling wrath of the natural world.

It goes without saying that a President like Barack Obama would never have done something like this.

Trump’s praise for Rick Scott is incredibly inappropriate considering that his crusade against climate change – even banning the words “climate change” from being used in state government documents – likely helped to amplify the ferocity of the hurricanes that slammed into the southeastern United States.

Once again, our President has shown that he has no sense of compassion for the people affected by the hurricanes and only sees the opportunity of the promoting himself and his interests in the political spotlight.

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