The Swedish Foreign Minister Just Scolded Trump For His Unhinged UN Speech

Sweden may be known politically as a neutral country but it seems clear that the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, was anything but neutral about the speech President Trump made to the United Nations. 

Wallström, who is currently the president of the United Nations, shared her reaction with a correspondent for the BBC.

She wasn’t alone in her reaction to Trump’s speech, in which he threatened to completely destroy North Korea if it becomes a threat to the U.S. or its allies.

Some members of the U.N. looked shell-shocked as Trump spoke.

This was Trump’s first major appearance at the U.N. and once again he sounded like he was doing his campaign stump speech, bragging about his election, and rambling about his policies.

Trump is speaking before the world at an organization he derided during the campaign but whose support he now needs to keep the pressure and sanctions on North Korea.

Based on Wallström’s reaction, once again America’s president was out of tune with his audience, and showed his lack of diplomatic experience and savvy about how to handle his audience. 



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