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Watch: This Video Proves Critics Of Iran Deal Were Dead Wrong About Iraq

Watch: This Video Proves Critics Of Iran Deal Were Dead Wrong About Iraq

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This video by the UCEIO advocacy coalition explains how the neo-con war-mongers, oil barons, and arms dealers who pushed America into invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein under false pretenses- and how they’re trying to do it again by tanking the historic nuclear deal with Iran.

It is critical we don’t let the jingoistic war-hawks in Congress or their Israeli ultra-nationalist allies ruin President Obama’s efforts to deal with overseas crises with diplomacy- not with violence. We have already wasted too many trillions of dollars and too many thousands of American lives to deal with our rivals with such short-sighted and reckless aggression, and we owe it to our legacy to not let Dick Cheney and his conspirators push us into the same mistake twice..

Watch it here:
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