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Watch: James Carville DESTROYS An Anti-Hillary Media Shill In Two Minutes

Watch: James Carville DESTROYS An Anti-Hillary Media Shill In Two Minutes

In this clip, James Carville absolutely shuts down an MSNBC anchor’s attempts to smear Hillary Clinton with the absurd new developments in the email “scandal.” Painting a picture of a full-scale “Democratic freakout,” the host questions why Sanders has been gaining in the polls.

Carville clearly has had enough of this media circus, and replies that he has a question for him: “why is she beating every Republican and has better favorability ratios than any Republican running for president? It’s supposed to be the Democrats that are freaking out? Look, polls go up and down. This is… this is foolishness. I’m having to come out of my vacation to deal with this kind of stupidity that these people are putting out. Hillary is going to be just fine. She’s going to be just fine.”

The host won’t give up, dogging him with attempts to provoke a reaction: “so as the famed and one of the highest paid political operatives in the world, you have no problem seeing FBI, Clinton and criminal investigation next to each other in headlines around the country?”

He gets one. Carville explodes: “it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. It’s just a bunch of people talking to each other spinning themselves up over a pile of garbage. People like The Washington Post talking about a ‘total Democratic freakout.’ You want to talk about a freakout, look at these Republicans all like they want to get rid of all the people in the country, repeal the Constitution and god knows what. You want to freak out on something, freak out on that.”

He’s absolutely right. This “scandal” is nothing but a smear campaign organized by right-wing conspirators, as it was with Benghazi, and with the Whitewater attacks back in the 90s. This is nothing new to Hillary, and she will arise stronger than before.

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