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Ted Nugent: Unarmed Victims Of Gun Violence Are 'Losers' Who Had It Coming

Ted Nugent: Unarmed Victims Of Gun Violence Are 'Losers' Who Had It Coming

The NRA’s constant efforts to blame the victims of mass shootings are as vile and reprehensible as anything else the lobby of arms dealers and delusional paranoiacs puts their energies towards, but recent comments by board member and proud racist Ted Nugent go beyond the pale. Nugent published an op-ed at titled “The Answer: Get A Damn Handgun,” in which he insulted the victims of gun massacres as “losers:”

Anything, any law, any regulation, any directive, any decree, any dastardly claim to the contrary is pure, unambiguous criminal infringement in the first degree, and I see a whole gang of criminal violators everywhere I look in our government, our courts and in pretty much every power-abusing bureaucracy out there. Meanwhile, those losers amongst us – spinelessly discarding self-evident truth, logic, common sense and pure human instinct – continue to fall for the big lie of political correctness, and get cut down by murderous maniacs like blind sheep to slaughter.

He continues to perpetrate the myth that the Umpqua Community College was a “gun free zone” (it wasn’t; there were many concealed carry weapons on campus that were not used) and attempts to convince his readers that joining the NRA and getting a gun was the only way that they could ensure their own security.

This kind of dangerously misinformative propaganda is a huge factor in exacerbating America’s epidemic of gun violence. Studies have shown again and again that concealed carry and personal firearms only contribute to more violence and do not make people safer. While Nugent may be comfortably burrowed in his delusional cowboy fantasies, the rest of America has made it very clear that they do not wish to live in a nation where they cannot go to the grocery store, or to the movies, or to school, without fearing for their lives. The blood of the ninety Americans that die from gun violence every day stains the hands of the NRA and their Republican backers; the least they could do is let them rest in peace without blaming them for their own murders. 

Colin Taylor
Opinion columnist and former editor-in-chief of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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