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Grandmother Shot By 2-Year-Old Grandson "Playing" With Her Unattended Gun

Grandmother Shot By 2-Year-Old Grandson "Playing" With Her Unattended Gun

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Another day, another senseless gun ‘accident’ in America. According to police, a two-year-old in Rock Hill, South Carolina, found a firearm in a vehicle, and, being curious as kids usually are, wanted to play with it. His doing so resulted in his shooting his own grandmother in the back.

The Rock Hill Police Department says that the grandmother had the boy in the car with her, at the intersection of Ogden Road and Heckle BLVD at around 1:24 PM Monday, in the Sunset Park area of town. Like the “responsible” gun owner she is, the grandmother had the tot in the back seat, and right beside him was a small bag containing her .357. As she prepared to stop at the light, she heard the sound of the gun being fired.

After realizing her grandson had just shot her in the back, the very unlucky woman managed to get them both safely to the home of a nearby relative, where authorities and medical assistance were called. She is now resting at Charlotte’s Carolinas Medical Center.

Who on earth leaves a revolver next to a kid? Even if she just had to have it in the car, she could have at least kept it upfront with her. Americans love their guns in a very unhealthy way, and our naturally curious children are quick to pick up on that. Thankfully, nobody died. Hopefully, the “responsible” gun-owning grandma will take better care of her weapon next time. That is the state of gun violence in America now. When these sorts of things hit the news with such regularity, citizens are just grateful there were no fatalities.


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