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To The 'Religious' Coward Who Keyed My Car – Here's A Note For You

To The 'Religious' Coward Who Keyed My Car – Here's A Note For You

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I recently came out of a Harris Teeters in Raleigh, NC, and was putting my groceries in the car, when I noticed a note attached to the passenger side of the windshield. I figured someone must be selling something, and I wasn’t interested. But I knew the note would fly off – and I didn’t want to litter. So, I walked around the car, picked up the note and read what appeared to be a second-grade level scribbling that said: “It’s a sin to kill babies.” Why yes it is… wait. What? I looked around and saw no one, and then it hit me. You’re one of them. You saw the bright pink ‘I Stand With Planned Parenthood’ sticker displayed on my car bumper, and you decided to school me on ‘sin’ and your idea of abortion. Oh, thank you for trying to save me from Hell. Aren’t you lovely.

It wasn’t until I got home and walked back out to get the groceries from the passenger side, did I noticed that you, who I’m sure is a fine, upstanding, Godly, non-sinner, keyed my car. Yes, with two long steady narrow scratches about five feet long, you left your mark. Well, that really showed me. No more baby-killing for me today!

To that person I have a few things to say. First, fuck you. And second, fuck you. I’m a Pro-Choice Liberal Christian mother (who sometimes cusses like a truck driver). I fully support Planned Parenthood, and I’m betting you know little to no truth about the organization. Take a tip. Try educating yourself now and then:

Planned Parenthood provides health care, education, information, and outreach to more than 5 million women, men, and adolescents worldwide each year. They provide nearly 400,000 Pap tests and nearly 500,000 breast exams each year – critical services in detecting cancer.

I bet you didn’t know Planned Parenthood offers the following services for men: colon, prostate, and testicular cancer screenings, condoms, erectile disfunction, vasectomies, male infertility screenings, and referrals.

Planned Parenthood provides nearly 4.5 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including 700,00 HIV tests.

Eighty-four percent of Planned Parenthood health care clients in the U.S. are age 20 and older. One in five women in the U.S. has visited a Planned Parenthood health center at least once in her life.

Planned Parenthood health centers focus on prevention, and their services help prevent approximately 516,000 unintended pregnancies each year.

Pay extra attention to this one:

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Only three percent (3%) of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services.

Read more: Planned Parenthood

So, by helping women to prevent unplanned pregnancies, Planned Parenthood actually decreases the number of abortions, and over the years, possibly by the millions. You’re defeating your so-called purpose. Chill the fuck out. And as for the choice each woman makes for herself, her body, her family, and her future – it’s none of your damn business, nor is it mine, or anyone else’s business.

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As for sinning, I cuss a lot, but you win this round. I don’t know how Jesus would feel about you destroying my property (which is illegal), because I don’t to speak for Jesus. I imagine He wouldn’t like it, but I’m thinking you’re the kind of religious fanatic that doesn’t give a flip about what Jesus has to say. You’re the kind of radical asshat who gives Christians/Christianity a bad name. And speaking of His words, I have never found anywhere in the Bible where Jesus says anything about abortion. Have you? Nope. Cause it’s just not there. That’s a biblical fallacy made up by pseudo-Christians who want to force their extremist and controlling agendas up women’s vaginas. And they do this while lying and spewing words of hate in name of God (which is considered the worst kind of blasphemy. It’s a big, big sin – HUGE).

So take your keys and illiterate looking post-it notes, and find some place to ‘repent.’ Be very happy I didn’t see you damaging my car.

And grow up. How about taking that energy from the ugly rage you carry around, and use it to help children once born. 


To learn more about Planned Parenthood, visit:

Planned Parenthood Website
Planned Parenthood Action of Facebook
Planned Parenthood on Twitter

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