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Kentucky Prosecutor: Cops Should Pull Drivers Over For Looking Hispanic

Kentucky Prosecutor: Cops Should Pull Drivers Over For Looking Hispanic

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The bigotry which always laid below the surface of the Republican Party’s anti-immigration agenda has been shoved into the open by Donald Trump’s abrasive and convoluted rabble-rousing, and with that development comes a multitude of other right-wingers acting out against “political correctness” and surprising shows of honesty from Republicans who are suddenly feeling confident enough to be open about their racism.

Just consider, for instance, a recent incident in Kentucky where Hispanic-American Mauro Martinez appeared in court to contest a speeding ticket. His defense argued that he was pulled over for the simple fact that he was Hispanic – and Republican prosecutor John K. Carter argued that was “probable cause” enough for the police stop.

The judge and defense attorney immediately remark that they were “was going to pretend [they] didn’t hear that.” While Carter immediately backtracked and pleaded misunderstanding, defense attorney Dawn Elliot wasn’t having any of it: “clearly, he had an opportunity to clear that up on the record over 24 hours ago, but now there’s buzz about it. My reaction and the Judge’s reaction speaks for itself.”

The Courier-Journal reports that Elliott, who is running for Jefferson District judge, said Oldham County is becoming known as a place where police pull people over “simply because they’re Hispanic.” As the Republican primary heats up and the rhetoric coming from the avowed racists grows more and more provocative and divisive, it falls to the rest of rational America to make it known that such blatant racial profiling and discrimination will not be tolerated. Our nation was founded on our diversity, and we owe it to our forefathers to not let Republican intolerance consume our unity.

Watch the court video here:

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