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Thanks To Conservatives, "Texas" Is Now Norwegian Slang For "Crazy"

Thanks To Conservatives, "Texas" Is Now Norwegian Slang For "Crazy"

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From claiming that supporting abortion amounts to terrorism to challenging the Army’s supposed plan to invade the state and claiming that climate change is caused by trees, Texas has come to be known among reasonable Americans for its unique brand of ignorant craziness. Apparently, however, that reputation extends far beyond the purported greatest country in America to the socialist hellhole of Norway. Texas Monthly noted earlier this week that Norwegians have taken to using the phrase “helt Texas” to mean “totally crazy.” A Reddit post dug up by the Austin American-Statesman explained, “It’s basically an idiom at this point. When I think of the word I picture a cowboy crashing a party and shooting two revolvers in the air. ‘It’s completely texas!'”

While the phrase seems to have existed as popular slang for several decades, with the proliferation of Texas craziness it recent years the phrase has entered the mainstream Norwegian news media. For example, here’s an article from a top Norwegian news site in which a local police chief describes the reckless driving of international truckers as “absolutely Texas!” Here, a tabloid quotes the Norwegian manager of an English soccer team describing the atmosphere at a rivalry game as “completely Texas.” Here’s a fisherman telling the local news “it was completely Texas” in reference to the tropical swordfish he caught. And, last but certainly not least, an entire minute-long TV commercial from Norwegian restaurant Dolly Dimple’s based on the fact that their deals on pizza are totally Texas.

Next time Texas Republicans suggest the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration, declare that ping pong is more dangerous than guns, or claim Obama is plotting with the UN to invade Texas, we should take a page out of the Norwegians’ book and tell it like it is: “der is helt texas!”

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