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BUSTED: Republican Trey Gowdy Caught Using Private Email Server

BUSTED: Republican Trey Gowdy Caught Using Private Email Server

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Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Republicans across the country have been obsessing over former Secretary of State and current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time, determined to use it to find some evidence of negligence or wrongdoing that could be used to frame her and derail her presidential ambitions. Ignoring the fact that no classified information was found within the emails and that there were no regulations against the use of the private server at the time, Republicans have turned the very existence of the email server into a talking point, using it a launching point for all sorts of outlandish allegations which have no basis in fact.

Which makes it all the more hypocritical to learn that Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has been exposed for having his own personal email server at AlterNet remarks that “while it’s not unusual to maintain such a thing particularly for campaign work, it’s not clear that Gowdy utilizes this email solely for political campaign work and not congressional tasks.”

Requests for comment by both Alternet and Correct The Record‘s David Brock were both ignored by the Gowdy camp, which is highly indicative that he does use his personal email for Congressional work- if he had nothing to hide, why wouldn’t he just say so? Especially with the integrity of his failed committee under such harsh scrutiny by the rest of the nation, demanding answers for the colossal misuse of public funds and time. If Gowdy wants to push the fabricated email scandal, he’d better be ready to put his own actions under the microscope.

Here is the full text of David Brock’s inquiry:

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Dear Chairman Gowdy:

I noted with interest your public demand that Secretary Clinton turn over her personal email server, presumably so that the committee can access some 30,000 Clinton emails deemed to be strictly private and beyond the reach of the government.

This Orwellian demand has no basis in law or precedent. Every government employee decides for themselves what email is work-related and what is strictly private. There is no reason to hold Secretary Clinton to a different standard— except partisan politics.

But since you insist that Clinton’s private email be accessed, I’m writing today to ask you and your staff to abide by the same standard you seek to hold the Secretary to by releasing your own work-related and private email and that of your staff to the public.

While I realize that Congress regularly exempts itself from laws that apply to the executive branch, I believe this action is necessary to ensure public confidence in the fairness and  impartiality of your investigation.

Thank you for your consideration.


David Brock
Correct The Record

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