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Democrat Drops Nine Devastating Fact-Bombs On Republicans' Benghazi 'Investigation'

Democrat Drops Nine Devastating Fact-Bombs On Republicans' Benghazi 'Investigation'

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Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the House Benghazi committee, used his portion of the marathon eleven-hour Congressional hearing inquisition into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email habits to hurl a barrage of facts at his obstinate Republican peers, whose questioning turned downright comical at certain points as they grew more and more desperate in their fruitless search to find any evidence at all of wrongdoing.

Schiff, in particular, took aim at Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for recent revelations connecting him to an anti-Hillary Super PAC and his general mismanagement and negligence in his chairmanship, which the record clearly shows is aimed at discrediting Hillary Clinton.

Now my colleagues have been saying quite often this week that this is a fact-centric investigation, and I agree so I’d like to talk about some of the facts which are centric about this investigation. Because while the American people are entitled to truth about Benghazi, they are also entitled to the truth about our committee.

Fact. What gave rise to your appearance today was that many months ago a group called the Stop Hillary PAC, which aired an offensive ad during the Democratic debate showing the tombstone of Ambassador Stevens among other things, delivered 264,000 signatures demanding that you appear before us.

Fact. It was the next day the majority approached us to have you come before this committee.

Fact. After The New York Times issued its story in March, this committee canceled all other hearings except for the hearing with a witness named Clinton.

Fact. We abandoned our plans to bring in the Secretary of Defense and the head of the CIA.

Fact. We haven’t had a single hearing with the Department of Defense in seventeen months.

Fact. Of the 70,000 pages of documents obtained by the committee, the only documents the Chairman has chosen to release publicly are your emails with Sidney Blumenthal.

Fact. Of the 32 press releases that have been issued since March of this year, 27 of them are about you or the State Department and 5 are about everything else.

Fact. As recently as last week, the Chairman issued a 13-page letter which alleges that you risked the lives of people by sending an email that contained the name of a classified CIA source.

Fact. CIA told us there was nothing in that email was classified nor was the name of that person who’s well known to many.

The witch-hunt into Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State is one of the most shameful abuses of power our nation has seen since Watergate. They have spent millions of taxpayer dollars and utterly failed in every conceivable way. No new information has been found; Hillary has emerged stronger than she was before, and the House is once again the laughingstock of our nation. At least, it would be funny if it wasn’t such a disgrace.

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