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Republican "Family Values" Hypocrite Caught Using Gay Dating Website

Republican "Family Values" Hypocrite Caught Using Gay Dating Website

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Here is your weekly dose of Republican “Family Values” Hypocrisy. A Republican city council candidate in Goshen, Indiana, has been busted for maintaining a profile on a gay dating website – less than a week after he went on the record “saying that he was against amending the city’s civil rights ordinance to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Brent Randall admitted that the profile on the website Adam4Adam was in fact his, reports the Goshen News. “My life has changed a lot over the last six years since my divorce,” Randall said. “… (The profile page is) still active. I do check it. I do talk to people. I’ve never met anybody from that profile. I do enjoy meeting new people of all different walks of life. … I don’t even know if I consider myself bisexual or not. I just experimented a little since I was single again.”

Randall divorced his wife in 2009. Even after the revelations broke, in classic Republican fashion, Randall doubled down on his statements. “I don’t know why they feel they [LGBT Americans] need special protections when there are other categories that might need protections. My little experimentation over the last six years hasn’t changed my view on that.”

The Wisconsin Republican Party, in a show of absolute shamelessness, cried foul: “We are deeply saddened to see someone’s private personal life be exposed, by no choice of his own, for what can only appear to be political motivations. His entire life is turned upside down. Our only hope is that this is not some type of political tactic by the opposing party, as we all signed the Fair Campaign Pledge.” It is astonishing to see the party that shames LGBT Americans for their sexual orientation and women for their reproductive choices suddenly have such concern for Randall.

It’s different when you’re on the other end of the shaming, isn’t it?

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h/t to FreakOutNation

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