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South African Lions Kill Poacher During Illegal Trophy Hunt In "Poetic Justice" For Cecil

South African Lions Kill Poacher During Illegal Trophy Hunt In "Poetic Justice" For Cecil

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Illegal big game hunting was catapulted into the public eye a few months ago, when an American dentist shot and killed a beloved lion, named Cecil. The endangered fauna of the African savannah make for enticing trophies for the type of men of men who derive pleasure from killing animals with a high-powered rifle, but it appears that karma may have finally gotten its due.

A would-be poacher in South Africa grew overconfident and was promptly mauled to death by the lion he was hunting. Matome Mahlale, 24,was killed along with two dogs while his three companions watched in horror from a nearby tree.

Residents of the area sided with the lion. “There won’t be many people feeling sorry for him. This is seen as poetic justice for the death of Cecil” said one local man. Indeed, you couldn’t have asked for a more fitting end for such a despicable man. While Cecil’s killer still roams free, with hope this incident will make other trophy hunters pause before embarking on a mission to slaughter.

h/t to the Daily Kos

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