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Colbert To Trump: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is By Donating $1 Million To Charity

Colbert To Trump: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is By Donating $1 Million To Charity

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Donald Trump is the epitome of American excess and greed, a bombastic ignoramus who rises through the polls in a nation where wealth is falsely equated with success, entirely disconnected from the struggles that the average American goes through. Stephen Colbert, now of the Late Show, has called him out on one of his most absurd statements yet – that he had a hard youth, as his father only gave him a “small loan” of a million dollars.

“[Trump] is a man who is proud to say a million dollars is a ‘small’ amount of money. This is the same guy who thinks three is a small number of wives. Through hard work, perseverance and an accountant well-versed in bankruptcy loopholes, he became the great, magnanimous billionaire we all know today. These days, he is worth billions of dollars — for him, a million dollars is garbage. Which is why I’m happy to announce that I’ve taken the liberty of writing a one-million dollar check from Donald Trump to the charity of my choice — the Harlem Children’s Zone.

“Now, Mr. Trump, all you have to do is come here and sign it, proving that a million dollars really is a small amount of money, especially when it is helping other people get a start in Manhattan.

“Who knows? The kids you help might one day be so rich that they can blow their cash on a presidential campaign.”

So far, the Trump camp has not responded to Colbert’s challenge. It’s a perfect set up by one of America’s most beloved comedic hopes, one that strikes at the heart of Trump’s gargantuan ego and this bizarre image he’s built for himself. What shall Trump do? As his lead in the Republican polls finally begins to slip, will he take the magnanimous route and part with a not insignificant amount of money?

Probably not.

You can watch the full clip here:

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