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Arkansas Cop Arrested For Shooting Himself & Blaming It On "A Hispanic Guy"

Arkansas Cop Arrested For Shooting Himself & Blaming It On "A Hispanic Guy"

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Last month, an Arkansas police officer sparked a manhunt and investigation in a colossal waste taxpayer dollars, after he was shot by an imaginary Hispanic man during a traffic stop. While 50-year-old Sergeant David Houser was, indeed, shot, it was his own negligence and his own bullet that hit him. Unfortunately for the officer, his racist hatred and willingness to lie has landed him behind bars.

“Houser told local and state law enforcement officers that while on patrol that he had exchanged gunfire with a suspect who fled from him driving a sport utility vehicle south of England along State Highway 15,” the Arkansas State Police said in a statement regarding the now-former England officer’s arrest. The accused called in a traffic stop at around 2 a.m. on October 24. Shortly after calling in the stop, he reported that the driver, a Hispanic man, had shot him and he was forced to return fire. According to Houser’s version, he heroically knocked the gun out of the scary brown man’s hand and spun out of harm’s way as Mr. Hispanic Man fired his gun. He says the bullet grazed his bulletproof vest and deflected off a pen, saving him from harm. The investigation revealed that there never was a Hispanic man, and Houser had shot himself with his own gun.

“The more we investigated, the more it became clear that the details of his story were inconsistent,” England Police Chief Nathan Cook said. “We went after it as if we were going after someone who had just tried to kill a police officer.”

“The crime scene was staged. The bullet hole was self-inflicted,” Cook explained. “He had laid out some different caliber (casings) to make it appear he had exchanged gunfire. He did discharge his service weapon.”

“He was a good officer,” the police chief said. “I’m not a doctor, so I can’t speculate why this happened. I know he’s had some personal losses lately. We just hope he gets the help he needs.”

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Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley wonders why someone would make such a story up:

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“I’ve heard he’s a very good guy, so this is shocking and it’s disappointing, but he’s going to be held accountable. It happens enough in reality. You pray that when you make a traffic stop, it won’t happen. And it does. Why would you ever make that up? What would he gain from that? It’s just amazing to me.”

Cook says that Houser was fired on Monday after he admitted that he completely invented the scenario, which was clearly concocted to paint him as a hero when threatened by one of those brown people Donald Trump tells us are going to take our jobs and usurp control of our nation. Houser was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of filing a false police report — a Class D felony.

Watch a report on the “shooting,” below:

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