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FOX's Megyn Kelly Rips Whiny GOP Candidates: 'You Want A Foot Massage, Too?' (Video)

FOX's Megyn Kelly Rips Whiny GOP Candidates: 'You Want A Foot Massage, Too?' (Video)

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The laughable candidates in the GOP’s 2016 clown car should know that they are in trouble when the hosts at Fox News start making fun of them. After all, intelligent people are well aware that the Fox “News” network is nothing more than a right-wing propaganda machine; little of what they say could actually be considered news. However, it appears that even their echo chamber is tiring of their childish antics.

Fox host Megyn Kelly introduced her audience to the list of ridiculously petty demands the GOP candidates have sent out to every major network in an effort to control what happens during future debates, since they have now accused CNBC’s moderators of deliberately making them look like the idiots that they are. What they refuse to acknowledge is the fact that no matter how many rules they throw at the networks, nothing is going to hide their utter lack of substantial policy proposals or viable strategies for solving the myriad of problems facing this country. The whiny list includes some outrageous demands that fly in the face of responsible journalism. Here are some of the items are to be strictly avoided if the networks expect the clown car to show up at future debates:

  • Allow candidate-to-candidate questions
  • Have a “lightening round” (their misspelling, not ours)
  • Have reaction shots of members of the audience or moderators during the debates
  • Show an empty podium after a break (describe how far away the bathrooms are)
  • Use behind the scene shots of candidates showing their notes

So, in other words, they don’t want to have an actual debate at all. They want a list of pre-approved questions that they can throw rehearsed answers at, in an effort to make sure there’s no need for thinking on one’s feet at all. Further, they clearly believe it is the job of the networks to make them look good to the public. How presidential of them.

Well, Megyn Kelly was having none of it. She took to her anchor desk on The Kelly File, and righteously ripped these fools for their obvious . She read off the list from the petulant toddlers who are playing at running for president, then mocked them with an addition of her own:

“And then maybe like a foot massage?”

Careful, Megyn, that just might be on the next letter of impossible requests after the next debate is as much of a miserable failure as all the others have been. The ironic thing is that the candidates and the Republican National Committee, which is responsible for the letter in the first place, have excused Fox News from all of this. Yet, a Fox host has completely turned on them. That means they’ve turned into such whiny children that even their pet network can no longer abide or defend their antics.

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The problem they have is this: The debates are doing just what they are supposed to do. They are revealing to the public what these people would really be like in the role of president. That’s not the fault of the debate moderators or the network. It’s the fault of the candidates, because, the truth is, none of these people have any business whatsoever running for president. They are unqualified, and that is putting it mildly. Some of them are arguably completely out of touch with reality, and it’s a scary thing that this is what one of the two major political parties has come to in this country.

So, networks, make sure you comply with none of this. We need to see more of the ugly truth of what the GOP’s crop of 2016″candidates” has to offer. The future of this great nation may very well depend on it.

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Watch the brilliant mockery below:

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