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Obama Victorious As Iran Begins Fulfilling Nuclear Deal Ahead Of Schedule

Obama Victorious As Iran Begins Fulfilling Nuclear Deal Ahead Of Schedule

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When President Obama announced his historic nuclear peace treaty with the Islamic Republic of Iran, paranoid Republicans, neo-conservative warmongers and far-right Israeli hardliners embarked on a hundred million dollar campaign to derail it. Opponents wildly prophesied a nuclear holocaust and wanton destruction, relentlessly complaining that the Islamic Republic of Iran was untrustworthy. All those outrageous claims are already being put to shame as Iran announces that they are already beginning to dismantle their enrichment centrifuges.

“We have already started to take our measures vis-a-vis the removal of the centrifuge machines – the extra centrifuge machines. We hope in two months time we are able to exhaust our commitment” stated Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s atomic energy chief. Iran has about 19,000 centrifuges in operation at the moment; in order to fulfill the terms of the deal, they must reduce that number to 6,104. They will also give up 98% of their enriched uranium stockpile, promise not to enrich uranium containing more than 3.67% of U235, the isotope needed for fission reactions (power plants require 3-4% U235; a weapon requires 90% U235).

In return, the international community will lift the economic sanctions that are currently crippling the Iranian economy and stagnating the growth of the middle class. While a group of Iranian hard-liners are still just as upset over the deal as American Republicans are, President Hassan Rouhani is clearly gunning to get their end of the deal fulfilled as quickly as possible, in order to get sanctions lifted in time for their February parliamentary elections. This is a win-win deal for both sides, and it is very reassuring to see them cooperating so quickly.


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