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Republican 'Family Values' Consultant Caught Molesting Church Boys & Filming It "Hundreds Of Times"

Republican 'Family Values' Consultant Caught Molesting Church Boys & Filming It "Hundreds Of Times"

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It is with great regret that we must report a horrific tale of abuse from yet another conservative “family values” hypocrite who used his position in a local church group to abuse the children which he was entrusted with. Matthew Stanley of Vidalia, Georgia, has accused a top GOP consultant, Jim Collins, of abusing him and other boys in the youth group “hundreds of times” over a seven-year period.

Collins is reportedly “a top political advisor and strategist for new Senate Majority Leader Tommy Williams and managed the campaigns for several of the Capitol’s new South Georgia incumbents,” according to a bio on a website of a former employer, iSquared Communications. He also was very involved in the First Baptist Church of Vidalia, taking a close interest in the youth group that he volunteered for- the lawsuit alleges that he “would often invite Matt and the other boys to his home, provide them with food and drink, and host gatherings to watch sporting events, including sleepovers.”

Once he had gained the trust of the boys and their parents, he began inviting them over to a weekly Bible study at his house, where he had the security to give into his sinister urges. Stanley says that Collins soon abandoned all pretense of Scripture study:

“Under Collins’s direction, pornography together at Collins’s home. He encouraged each boy to engage in individual sexual acts, both privately and in a group setting. On at least one occasion, Collins videotaped these sexual acts as well, causing additional harm to Matt Stanley. Collins also engaged in highly inappropriate, sexualized physical contact with many of the boys, including Matt Stanley. 29. In addition, Collins sexually abused Matt Stanley and the other boys in these ways on church-sponsored out-of-town trips during which Collins served as First Baptist Church’s adult chaperone for the boys.”

Collins and the First Baptist Church have vehemently denied the accusations, even thought the Church immediately cut ties with Collins as soon as the lawsuit was filed. The Church has also attempted to blame the victim for not coming forward earlier. It is a disgusting show of hypocrisy which shows that there is a deep vein of sexual dysfunction and corruption that flows through deeply religious communities that insist on repressing natural sexual urges in favor of their own twisted systems of social control.

h/t to the Raw Story

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