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Hypocrite Ben Carson Caught Lying About Receiving Award For "Honesty"

Hypocrite Ben Carson Caught Lying About Receiving Award For "Honesty"

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In one of the strangest twists in an already bizarre election cycle, it appears that Ben Carson’s autobiography is entirely a work of fiction. GAWKER reports that in his book Gifted Hands, Carson recounts a story where he received an award and had his picture taken for being the most honest student in a class at Yale University – but, as you might have gathered, the class does not exist, and neither does the picture.

GAWKER summarizes the tall tale as such: “a Yale psychology professor who told students that all of their final exam papers had accidentally caught on fire, and that they must all re-take the new, much harder exam. According to Carson, a junior at the time of the story, all 150 students refused but one. That one was the chosen one, the honest one: a young Ben Carson.” Gifted Hands recounts that “the professor came toward me. With her was a photographer for the Yale Daily News who paused and snapped my picture. ‘A hoax,’ the teacher said. ‘We wanted to see who was the most honest student in the class.’”

The Yale Library confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that no such class was taught, and no record of the photo for the Yale Daily News exists. Coming on the heels of his insane claims about the use of the pyramids, to his invented “scholarship” to West Point, and the holes in his “tragic disaffected angry youth redeemed by the love of Jesus” stabbing story, its beginning to look like his entire platform is a lie. For that is his political platform – he has no experience, but argues that “honesty is more important than political experience.” Seeing that since he has neither, it should follow that a quick tumble in the polls might lie ahead. But given that the Republican voting base is just as delusional as Ben Carson, perhaps it won’t.

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