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Republican Ex-Senator: My Party Is Full Of 'Family Values' Hypocrites

Republican Ex-Senator: My Party Is Full Of 'Family Values' Hypocrites

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The Republican Party establishment is defined by their utter dismissal of the needs of the American middle class, especially their refusal to raise a stagnant minimum wage or give parents more time to spend with their children. While Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and President Obama call them out regularly, it is not often that we see members of their own party do the same. However, on Sunday, former Republican Senator Alan Simpson could stay quiet no longer and he called out the members of the current GOP for being a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites.

In an interview with KULR News’ Sunday Roundtable with Greg & Chris, Simpson ripped into Republicans for refusing to support a $15 an hour minimum wage while corporations made billions of dollars in profits:

“I think the class warfare thing is going to get worse and worse, the income inequality worse and worse,” Simpson continued. “This business of the minimum wage, ‘Oh, you can’t afford $15.’ Well, then don’t publish your quarterly reports saying you made a billion and a half. Give me a break.”

GOP lawmakers have rejected efforts to raise the minimum wage every single time they have been introduced, because they claim it will hurt businesses. In reality, passing a bill that would give the hardworking American people an actual living wage — as it was meant to be — would be beneficial to the economy, not detrimental. But it doesn’t matter how many times their anti-minimum wage talking points have been debunked, they continue to spew their nonsense to the American people.

The former Senator’s disdain didn’t end with the Republican Party’s economic policies, he also lashed out at their hypocritical “family values”:

“Hypocrisy is the original sin,” he declared. “It’s the guy who’s checking your moral values, like to ask for Jesus, you know — while they’re diddling their secretary. That’s not my idea of family values. Either you’re who you are or you’re not…. people just lead a fake life and try to give you advice.”

Republicans constantly sell themselves as the party of “family values,” but constantly get caught violating their own demands. Every week, it seems like some devout Republican is caught cheating on their spouses, getting divorced multiple times, soliciting prostitutes or molesting children. People are fallible, and perhaps if they didn’t judge themselves or others so hard they wouldn’t have to express their natural urges in peculiar ways. Attempting to impose a system of social control through religious morality is a losing game in this day and age, and the Republican inability to hold themselves to their own standards just highlights how irrelevant the party is in modern American politics.

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Senator Simpson was spot on: They are not the party of “family values,” they are the party of shameless hypocrites.

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Watch his full interview below:

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