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Republican Senator: Social Security Turns Americans Into Heroin Addicts (VIDEO)

Republican Senator: Social Security Turns Americans Into Heroin Addicts (VIDEO)

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If you wondered what causes heroin addiction, it’s not doing heroin, according to Senator Tom Cotton — it’s the filthy allure of those sweet, sweet Social Security benefits. On Monday, the same man who spearheaded a treasonous campaign to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal offered some GOP “wisdom”: People receiving Social Security are doomed to fall into a “downward spiral” of heroin abuse.

Speaking to right-wing evil masterminds the Heritage Foundation, Cotton said that communities with high percentages of residents receiving Social Security disability are also experiencing a population decline, while communities with less disability usage were experiencing an increase in population. In the former areas, he says, residents become accustomed to the awesome lifestyle they are living on disability and don’t want to work.

“It’s hard to say what came first or caused the other, population decline or increased disability usage,” Cotton said. “Or maybe economic stagnation caused both. Regardless, there seems to be at least at the county and regional level something like a disability tipping point.”

“When a county hits a certain level of disability usage, disability becomes a norm,” the Senator continued. “It becomes an acceptable way of life and alternative source of income to a good paying full-time job as opposed to a last resort safety net program to deal with catastrophic injury and illness.”

This, says Cotton, leads to employees being unable to find employees, which leads to them leaving the area. In the end, despite the repeated failures of right-wing attempts to drug test the poor in justifying their existence, everyone receiving disability benefits becomes addicted to methamphetamines or heroin.

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“At a certain point when disability keeps climbing and become endemic, employers will struggle to find employees or begin or continue to move out of the area. The population continues to fall and a downward spiral kicks in, driving once thriving communities into further decline. Not only that, but once this spiral begins, communities could begin to suffer other social plagues as well, such as heroin or meth addiction and associated crime.”

But it’s OK — Cotton says he plans to stave off this nonexistent plague of meth-addicted disabled people by making them reapply for benefits if they aren’t able to return to work quickly enough to comply with his timelines for when he — a man who thinks Iran is “occupying” its capital city — thinks they should be back to the grind. “These reforms won’t solve all the problems of Social Security disability but they will address one of the most urgent crises in the program,” he said. “And the one, perhaps, most corrosive to affected communities.”

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Watch Cotton outline his stupid, stupid plan, below:

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