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Republicans Attacked Elizabeth Warren Last Night. Her Response Is Brilliant

Republicans Attacked Elizabeth Warren Last Night. Her Response Is Brilliant

During last night’s travesty of a Republican presidential debate, a super PAC ran a $500,0000 ad that depicted Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) as a Communist dictator and disparaged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the nonexistent harm it is doing to the economy. The ad was paid for by lobbyists for Navient, a student loan company that the CFPB is currently investigating for allegedly cheating student loan borrowers”. in order to turn the public against the regulations that are keeping our economy and our bank accounts safe from the ravenous greed of casino capitalism, Warren took to Twitter to respond – and unleashed a devastating volley of facts that put this nonsense to shame.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created by President Obama and Senator Warren in order to keep the Wall Street banks in check, to prevent them from extorting the American people out of their hard-earned money, and to keep them from tanking our economy with their reckless, greedy gambles. It’s clear that if a Republican wins the next election, all the progress we’ve made towards uplifting the American middle class and reining in the power of the ultra-wealthy will all be for naught — making this election one of the most important our nation will ever see. Electing a strong progressive like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is of the utmost importance for the financial health of our nation.

h/t to Mother Jones

You can watch this disgusting appeal to Cold War paranoia here:

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