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Anonymous Declares War On ISIS: "The Hell Storm Has Begun"

Anonymous Declares War On ISIS: "The Hell Storm Has Begun"

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It is with heavy hearts that we must return to some sense of normalcy and come to terms with the unspeakable violence and terror that was wrought upon the citizens of Paris. As grief turns to anger, the world is coming together in solidarity against the barbaric nihilism of ISIS (IS/ISIL/Daesh). They have gone too far this time, and the world will not forget.

As French warplanes pound the nominal capital of the Syrian Islamic State, Raqqa, another shadowy group has taken up their keyboards against the threat that these religious extremists pose to safety and security in our world. Anonymous, the “hacktivist” group which recently made headlines for their campaign against the Ku Klux Klan, released a series of videos today declaring that they too have dedicated their efforts to bringing down the terrorist group:

“Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared. The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger.”

Anonymous first began tangling with ISIS after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, exposing Twitter accounts that ISIS used to recruit and communicate and bringing down ISIS websites with denial-of-service attacks. Yesterday, the group released a list of 1,000 ISIS-linked Twitter accounts, which have all been suspended. Only time will tell what the group has in store for them next.

If you’d like to follow their progress yourself, the relevant hashtags are #OpISIS #OpIceISIS #AnonOps.

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