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Donald Trump's Racist Retweets Are Literally Neo-Nazi Propaganda

Donald Trump's Racist Retweets Are Literally Neo-Nazi Propaganda

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After a black man was viciously attacked by supporters at a Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama, The Donald stepped out to clear up two things: the “disgusting” and “obnoxious” Black Lives Matter protester “probably should have been roughed up” because he had the audacity to declare that black lives have value. As a followup, he tweeted out a host of racist, fake statistics that cited a fake research group with the intent of painting African-Americans as violent.

The billionaire’s meme claimed that “blacks” kill “blacks” 97 percent of the time. That number is, in reality, 90 percent of the time — just 8 percent higher than white on white murders (Trump’s meme claims white-on-white murders happen 16% of the time). The meme further claims that black people kill whites a whopping 81 percent of the time. That number is actually 16 percent.


But where would Trump get such wildly inaccurate statistics that clearly are intended to demonize African-Americans? It almost seems as though it’s something white supremacists would use to push their agenda. In fact, it’s exactly that. Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson went in search of the origin of the now-deleted meme:

“But where did this graphic come from? My first thought was that it must have originated at a white supremacist website like Stormfront, because it really is that bad. But neither Google Image search nor found it posted at any websites.”

He was able to locate the earliest tweet in which the racist meme was featured. The profile photo for the account that tweeted the meme, “Non Dildo’d Goyim,” is a symbol that represents the neo-Nazi group known as the German Faith Movement.

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The owner of the account says he “never even created” the meme, though he remains critical of “Traitorous politicians and f*cktard liberals Importing filth to breed [white people] out.”

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It’s unsurprising that Trump would resort to Nazi propaganda to appease his base. The billionaire, who keeps a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches in his bedside dresser, is quite popular with white supremacists, who he explained are “very receptive” to his message after a supporter yelled “white power” at a rally. In the past, Trump has tweeted an image of Nazi soldiers marching in front of the White House — a perhaps unintentional, but clear, indicator of his leanings.

In recent months, Trump has promised to look into finding a way to “get rid of” all the Muslims in America, waffled on whether or not he would allow someone to make the case to “get rid of” all black people, supported the idea of creating a national Muslim database, and suggested that Muslims wear special little badges like Hitler made the Jews wear.

Did Trump necessarily know he was sharing a meme that originated with Nazis? Frankly, at this point, that does not matter. His entire campaign exists as an echo of hatred that should have died with Adolf Hitler — and today’s Republicans eat it up and beg for more.

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