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Liberal Gets Payback After Conservatives Get His Viral Post Deleted By Facebook

Liberal Gets Payback After Conservatives Get His Viral Post Deleted By Facebook

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The right-wing “Christian” hysteria over the Syrian refugee crisis has reached a fever pitch in the week since the Paris attacks. While Republican presidential candidates, like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, have been freely categorizing all Muslims as terrorists, their base is spewing hate-speech all over the internet. The rest of us have been left to observe an appalling amount of disgusting Islamophobia. These hysterics coupled with their incessant fear-mongering, has left us all with the undeniable realization that conservative America has no idea what the Founding Fathers envisioned when they drafted the Constitution. One Minnesota man noticed all of this too, and his post on social media about it has gone viral.

Andy McClure, logged onto Facebook recently and wrote a post that described a conversation between a rational person, who believes we should help the refugees we created, and what we can all assume is a typical, far-right, “Christian” conservative. Apparently, his post angered so many hypocrites that they came together and mass reported it. This is a tactic the right often uses on Facebook and Twitter when they see something that hurts their feelings. However, Andy didn’t go down without a fight, instead he did something incredible: he made a brilliant cartoon highlighting their ignorant nonsense.

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Andy’s cartoon absolutely nailed pseudo-Christian extremists’ hypocrisy. The Republican Party and their base spend a great deal of time acussing Democrats of attacking their religious freedoms, but then they turn around and do it to Muslims. The only difference is, the GOP is actually discriminating against people of different faiths, while the left is fighting to ensure that everyone, of all faiths or no faith, are protected by the First Amendment. The right has decided that the desperate families fleeing unimaginable conditions are “dangerous” because they are worship a different god and have brown skin. They never stop and think that these people are in this postition because of America’s foreign policy failures and Republicans’ war-mongering. They also completely ignore the fact that the American people are put in more danger by Christian extremists who carry out mass shootings and bomb federal buildings, than they are foreign terrorists.

What’s even worse is that the right-wing are not just hypocritical imbeciles when it comes to the Syrian refugee crisis, every single one of their core beliefs are wrong. They claim to be “pro-life” but then they fight against every single thing that could prevent abortions (i.e. Planned Parenthood and comprehensive sex education), and then they fight against funding for the social programs that support children. They claim to be the party that “supports or troops,” but they send them off to wars based on lies and when they come home from war (if they are lucky enough to live through it) the GOP completely ignores their needs. Furthermore, Republicans say that they “worship the Constitution” and yet, not one of them seems to have the slightest clue about what any of it means. They ignore the “well-regulated” portion of the Second Amendment; they ignore the First Amendment; they claim the Supreme Court has no power and the list goes on and on.

That is what makes Andy’s comic so brilliant. It managed to point out most of the right’s hypocrisies in just nine little boxes. It is embarrassing that this group of people wields so much power in our country, when they actually have no idea what American values really are. They are a party that uses hate, lies, and fear to obtain votes and while simultaneously spitting on the core beliefs our country was founded upon. If the last week has taught us one thing it is that another Republican White House would be an absolute disaster, not just for America, but for the rest of the world as well.

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