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BREAKING: Right-Wing Terrorist Attack Underway At Colorado Planned Parenthood, Multiple Injuries Reported

BREAKING: Right-Wing Terrorist Attack Underway At Colorado Planned Parenthood, Multiple Injuries Reported

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The gunman has been detained.


Police in Colorado, are responding to an active shooter situation in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood office.According to police, multiple victims have been reported and at least one officer has been shot, and three have been injured, the an attack on the women’s health facility.



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According to Colorado Springs police spokesman Lt. Kirk Wilson, officers are working to “extricate” an officer on the scene and the shooter, who is dexcribed as a white man in his 40’s wearing a “hunting-type hat” and a long coat, has been “contained,” but the area is still dangerous, and they are asking media to steer clear:

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People inside local businesses have been urged to stay indoors and out of sight. “We were looking out the window and we had an officer wave us back inside,” said Brigitte Wolfe, an employee at Jun Japanese Restaurant next door to Planned Parenthood. “They have everything blocked off.”

An employee at nearby King Soopers said a few dozen customers were locked inside with her. “Everybody here is safe,” she said. “That’s all I know, but I’m in the back right now.” A manager at a nearby hair salon says she heard roughly 10-20 gunshots in less than five minutes and watched an officer fall to the ground as others rushed to aid him.

“We’re still pretty freaked out,” the employee said. “We can’t stop shaking. For now we’re stuck back here not knowing.”

The motives of the shooter are unknown, but they are easy to guess. Planned Parenthood as recently come under scrutiny thanks to heavily-edited right-wing videos purportedly showing the women’s health organization “selling baby parts” for fun and profit. Conservatives have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars probing the organization, to no avail, but this has not stopped the Right from fervently railing against Planned Parenthood. Since the stupid Part of America’s attacks, the organization has elected to stop accepting reimbursement for donated fetal tissue to stop the nonsense, but the attacks have persisted nonetheless.

Until the situation is contained, we won’t have all the details, but at this point it is reasonable to speculate that the shooter, at minimum, has some sort of deep-seated issue with Planned Parenthood.

“We’re not sure what the connection is to Planned Parenthood, but that was the original address we received for the call for service,” Lt. Catherine Buckley said of the shooting.

We’ll have more information on this latest mass shooting as it becomes available. Watch live footage about the attack, below:

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