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Sanders: Republicans Incited Planned Parenthood Attack With Their Vicious Lies

Sanders: Republicans Incited Planned Parenthood Attack With Their Vicious Lies

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In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, we have heard only silence from the fourteen Republican presidential candidates. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), on the other hand, knows exactly where to place the blame – with the Republican radical Christians masquerading as presidential candidates.

In a statement, Bernie Sanders said that:

“While we still do not know the shooter’s motive, what is clear is that Planned Parenthood has been the subject of vicious and unsubstantiated statements attacking an organization that provides critical health care for millions of Americans. I strongly support Planned Parenthood and the work it is doing and hope people realize that bitter rhetoric can have unintended consequences.”

Ever since the pro-life propagandists at the nonexistent “Center For Medical Progress” released heavily edited and misleading videos about Planned Parenthood and their tissue donation program, the Republican presidential candidates have been viciously attacking the beloved healthcare provider, smearing it for the vital abortion services they provide American women, ignoring the fact that only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion – the rest are critical healthcare services like breast cancer screenings and contraception.

Disgraced ex-CEO Carly Fiorina has been leading the smear campaign, describing on live television a grisly video of a live infant being dismembered. The video she referenced does not exist; but the moderators at FOX did not question her on it. Despite a lengthy Congressional investigation and further inquiries in red states, not one scrap of evidence has been found to implicate Planned Parenthood in any kind of wrongdoing. Despite this, the right-wing continues to wage the war on women’s reproductive health, spreading vile lies and slander that incite terrorism against health clinics and Planned Parenthood doctors. Since the release of the videos, there have been four arsons at Planned Parenthood clinics – and now three deaths, thanks to Fiorina, Cruz, and all the rest of them. Bernie Sanders has hit the nail right on the head with his statement, showing leadership and a willingness to recognize the truth that is sorely lacking in this presidential race.

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