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Trump Dances On The Graves Of 14 Dead Californians: My Poll Numbers Will Rise!

Trump Dances On The Graves Of 14 Dead Californians: My Poll Numbers Will Rise!

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In the aftermath of yesterday’s horrific mass shooting, Donald Trump barely had any sympathy to show for the victims. His twitter response didn’t even mention the families involved – just a shoutout to the “Blue Lives Matter” folks. It was a heartless way for any person to respond; it was even more abhorrent coming from someone running for public office, to be the leader of this nation – and just to be perfectly clear, despite all the nameless interns that have been “fired” for their Twitter gaffes, he clearly runs it himself. In times of fear and sorrow, strong leadership like that shown by President Obama time and time again is what our nation needs; Trump’s brusque dismissal doesn’t even bother to condemn the shooters or the act itself.

To make matters worse, he later retweeted one of his supporters who noted that his poll numbers rise during mass shootings, highlighting the link between public fear and Republican poll numbers. There is absolutely no incentive for Republican candidates to pass commonsense gun reform legislation – the more money they receive from the NRA, the more pro-gun laws they pass, putting more guns on the street, leading to mass murders, putting Americans in fear for their families and their own protection, prompting them to vote Republican and purchase more guns. It is imperative that we put a stop to this vicious cycle and somehow begin to control the reckless proliferation of deadly weapons among civilians.

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