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NY Daily News: NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Is A "Terrorist" Waging "Gun Jihad" On America

NY Daily News: NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Is A "Terrorist" Waging "Gun Jihad" On America

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The New York Daily News’ headline today slammed NRA head Wayne LaPierre for running a “sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit.” Coming on the heels of yesterday’s headline criticizing Republican politicians for offering “thoughts and prayers” rather than action and a series of exposes last week on how the NRA caters to terrorists, the Daily News is, more aggressively than any other news outlet, leading the charge against the criminal NRA that enables the deaths of so many thousands of Americans every year.

While conservatives are predictably criticizing the Daily News’ showy headline, not least because “terrorist” seems to be a religion-specific term to them, such a hyperbolic assault on the criminal negligence of the NRA is exactly what is needed to finally make Americans, a majority of whom somehow still have a positive opinion of the NRA, realize that the organization is aiding and abetting murderers, terrorists, and psychopaths in the mass slaughter of thousands of Americans every year, all to make a buck or two and defend their fragile masculinity.

The insanity of the NRA was laid bare for all to see yesterday when a Senate split nearly perfectly on partisan lines voted to block an effort to keep guns from terror suspects, the Denying Firearms to Dangerous Terrorists Act, that had already been repeatedly blocked by the NRA in its previous iterations. Apparently with no sense of irony, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said after the vote that preventing terrorists from obtaining guns would “violate their right to due process.” Yet given the opinions of Ryan and his Republican brethren on everything from Guantanamo Bay to drone strikes and military tribunals, one would certainly think that conservatives don’t care a wit for the rights of due process of terror suspects. Ryan’s statement, and the Senate’s vote, besides being a betrayal of the American people’s safety and security, is a clear demonstration that Republicans’ NRA-fueled ammosexuality is even more powerful than their bigoted Islamophobia or anti-”terrorist” fear-mongering, which is no small achievement.

Indeed, over the past decade, more than 2,000 terror suspects have purchased guns legally in the United States, and whenever Democrats have tried to enact common-sense laws to prevent this insanity, they have of course been shot down by the vehement opposition of the NRA and the Republican lawmakers tacitly on their payroll. If Republicans truly want to combat terrorists, as they incessantly claim, they could do nothing better than introduce sensible gun control legislation to prevent these deranged psychopaths from having unfettered access to military-grade weapons at their neighborhood Wal-Mart. This is especially true given the recent shift in tactical shift away from bombings and towards shootings that has been evidenced in Islamic terrorism, which is something that Al-Qaeda has long pushed forDaily  specifically because of America’s lax gun regulations. Yesterday’s vote makes it clear that Republicans don’t give a damn about fighting terrorism or protecting American citizens unless there’s a neo-imperial bombing campaign that they can exploit tragedy to promote.

When more Americans have been killed by domestic gun violence in the past 50 years alone than in all wars in our nation’s history combined, and win guns now outpacing car crashes as the deadliest non-natural killer of Americans, the fact that we as a nation continue to let the absolutely delusional NRA manipulate us into doing absolutely nothing is not only unbelievably naive and utterly disgraceful but criminal, given how many thousands could have been saved if we just acted on the facts.

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