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Neo-Nazi White Supremacists Endorse Trump's Ban On Muslims: "Heil Trump!"

Neo-Nazi White Supremacists Endorse Trump's Ban On Muslims: "Heil Trump!"

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In case there was any doubt at all over who Trump’s bigoted rhetoric appeals to, look no further than actual white supremacists. The neo-Nazi website known as the Daily Stormer has been celebrating Trump’s recently proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States, praising him as their “Glorious Leader” and spewing forth atrociously offensive condemnations of multiculturalism, tolerance, and all other values our nation holds dear. The Southern Poverty Law Center noted that the Daily Stormer is “named for prominent Nazi Julius Streicher’s virulently anti-Semitic weekly newspaper The Stormer” and is run by neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin.

Why were these monkeys ever allowed in in the first place? What an insane, stupid concept.

Donald Trump has made the ultimate statement of obvious fact: Moslems do not belong in White countries, and the logical thing to do is to get them out. It is so obvious that everyone had been led – by the Jews – to believe it was impossible. Now that it has been said, that cat will not return to its bag – ever. But the reality that this cat is permanently bagless is not stopping a global torrent of hatred against Our Glorious Leader who has recently achieved the title of ULTIMATE SAVIOR. Finally: Someone speaks sense. Islam – 0/5 would not allow. Get all of these monkeys the hell out of our country – now!

You’re all getting deported, and never again will a ragheaded brown stink-monkey set foot on this holy soil that my valiant ancestors fought and bled for!

The time has come – you hajis are finished! You’d best figure out your own hellholes, because never again will you escape them for the land of the free!

For my own part, a young blonde-haired lad who hates hajis and other non-Whites (especially Jews) approached me this morning, put his hand on my shoulder and looked me dead-on with his piercing blue eyes and asked: “have we started the fire?”

“Yes,” I replied. “The fire rises.”

Heil Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is taking advantage of eight years of unabashed racism against President Obama and other non-white Americans, ascending the stairs of fascism that have been built by FOX News, the Tea Party, and far-right neoconservatives eager to preserve the fantasy of a white America dominated by Christian patriarchy. The assignment of titles like “Glorious Leader” and “Ultimate Savior” are very alarming, as are the rise of attacks on innocent Muslims by racists.

As Trump’s popularity continues to grow and his rabid followers grow more obsessed, we must fight harder than ever to ensure that he does not succeed in his deranged candidacy for the American presidency. More importantly, we must elect someone who will take on the power of the wealthy oligarchs, the one percent of Americans that are working behind the scenes to funnel all new wealth to the top, feeding off the carcass of the middle class while they scapegoat immigrants and their customs. It’s no coincidence as wages remain stagnant and the middle class is plunged into poverty, a demagogue emerges to blame the foreigner, the different, the unknown – just as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini did following the Great Depression. 

We know how that story ended – with the most unimaginable horrors that man has ever wrought upon his kin and a war that consumed the world.  It’s up to us, the rational and reasonable humanists of America, to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

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