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Finished: Fiorina Iowa Town Hall Event Draws Only 14 People

Finished: Fiorina Iowa Town Hall Event Draws Only 14 People

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It feels like just yesterday that Carly Fiorina was warming the hearts of far right-wing voters everywhere with her gruesome and totally unfounded descriptions of Planned Parenthood’s activities. (They really seem to get off on that stuff.) But now that her hateful lies have resulted in real bloodshed, it appears that Republican voters have completely lost interest in their only female candidate. A recent CBS News poll shows that while Trump surges to his highest numbers yet, Fiorina barely earns 1% of the vote amongst registered Republicans – that’s within the margin of error of zero.

Her favorability has been sliding rapidly since September, when she was sometimes polling in second place, with her current numbers putting her behind such hopeless candidates as Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee. Fiorina’s campaign hit an embarrassing new low this week as she hosted a town hall meeting in Iowa, in which roughly fourteen people attended. As shown in a picture posted on social media by an attendee, the hall, which has a capacity for several hundreds, is almost entirely empty seats. Nevertheless, Fiorina addressed the “crowd,” really showing her commitment to winning votes one by one (literally). Although her claims about Planned Parenthood have been entirely discredited, Fiorina continues to promote the same old lies, even in the wake of the recent shooting in Colorado that was clearly inspired by the Fiorina narrative.

Fiorina rejected any such connection in an interview Friday on CNN, but host Chris Cuomo, one of the last decent journalists still employed on that network, did not permit her to get away with her lies unquestioned. In the end, it’s rather depressing that the sole female candidate for the Republican Party is also the most virulently anti-woman’s rights. Fiorina is now turning to the worst of the worst in a desperate effort to win votes. Next week, she’ll be speaking at a summit organized by the Center for Security Policy, whose founder, Frank Gaffney, is a prominent Islamophobe who supports Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the country. Fiorina’s offensive and obnoxious campaign is finally screeching to a halt, but we fear the damage that her reprehensible lies have cause will take much longer to fix.

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