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Republicans Panic As Hispanics Launch Massive Vote Campaign To Punish Trump & GOP

Republicans Panic As Hispanics Launch Massive Vote Campaign To Punish Trump & GOP

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The Republican Party, hijacked by far-right extremists and religious fundamentalists, is no longer in a position to win elections the usual way – you know, with detailed and sophisticated policy proposals on how to grapple with the myriad of problems facing the American people. Devoid of such intellectual aspirations, Republican candidates have resorted to the most low-brow and ugly forms of politics – rabble-rousing demagoguery and the scapegoating of minorities.

Donald Trump in particular has made immigrant-bashing a central part of his campaign, blaming the decline of the American middle class and the funneling of  new wealth to the top one-tenth of the top one percent of Americans on a nonexistent wave of Mexican immigration (it is in fact declining) and that “they’re killing us economically” (which is an utter He has also been blaming Mexican immigrant for non-existent rises in crime, calling them “rapists and criminals” among other such disgusting and patently false accusations.

In response, immigration activists have vowed to register a million immigrant voters in battleground states to punish Trump and the Republican Party, who have stood silent and complicit as Trump systematically alienates all sections of American society who aren’t white Christian males. They aim to rally a wide reach of Latino support for Democrats in the presidential election and to specifically target key Senate seats in Florida and Illinois. 

“This is a huge amount of latent power!” cheered Joshua Hoyt, executive director of the National Partnership for New Americans. Some nine million immigrants are eligible to gain citizenship and join us in the great project of restoring American democracy; another two million Latino-Americans have turned 18 since 2012. Liberal billionaire donor and conservative boogeyman George Soros’s Open Society Foundation are working overtime to get the word out and rally millions of young new Americans to defend their semi-legal DREAMER brethren against the deportation efforts of racist conservatives.

If their plan succeeds, it will be the Republican Party’s worst nightmare. They have fought tooth and nail against a pathway to citizenship and any sort of comprehensive immigration reform for two reasons – first, because they are terrified of the inevitable shift in demographics that will strip white Christians of their socially dominant majority; and secondly, because the xenophobic rhetoric the right-wing employs to prevent said demographic shift from occurring alienates potential Latino voters and drives them into the arms of Democrats, who stand firm by the values of tolerance and inclusion that our nation was founded on and welcome all with open arms. We cannot allow the discrimination of fearful white cowards deny millions of immigrants the opportunity for a new life that our forefathers sought so long ago.

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