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30% of Republicans Support Bombing Aladdin's Homeland of Agrabah

30% of Republicans Support Bombing Aladdin's Homeland of Agrabah

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The ignorance of the Republican presidential candidate and their primary voters is deeply disturbing. Given the number of outright lies and half-truths being thrown around by men ostensibly competing for the presidency, it should come as no surprise that their supporters show an even scarier lack of understanding as to how the government works, a staggering ignorance of basic geography, and a shocking lack of empathy for people in other countries.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that 30% of Republican primary voters support bombing the fictional nation of Agrabah, where the Aladdin stories take place. 57% said they “weren’t sure.” Half of those polled identified themselves as evangelical Christians. It is remarkable that these “so-called” Christians are so gung-ho about bombing Middle Eastern countries that they are willing to endorse the bombing of places that have no relation to Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) or terrorism, and in fact don’t even exist. 

However, it gets worse:

More than a quarter indicated that they would like to outright ban the religion of Islam from being practiced in the U.S. That number jumped to 42 percent of Trump supporters who think Islam should be illegal. Another 46 percent of Republican voters support a national Muslim registry although for 47 percent, shutting down all mosques is a bridge too far.

54 percent of all Republican primary voters support Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, while 36 percent believe Trump’s claims that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were cheering from the rooftops on 9/11.

Trump and the rest of the GOP’s relentless anti-Muslim rhetoric is clearly resounding among their easily intimated and astoundingly ignorant voting base. It has been proven that Trump’s claim of the cheering Muslims is entirely fabricated, but people believe him anyway. These evangelicals see no hypocrisy in complaining about their “religious freedom” while actively advocating discrimination against other religions. Polls like this highlight what an embarrassment the Republican Party is to this nation and how little they deserve a voice in the governance of our nation.

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