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Bernie Just Shattered A Huge Obama Record — Great News For His Campaign

Bernie Just Shattered A Huge Obama Record — Great News For His Campaign

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  just made electoral history by breaking Pres. Obama’s campaign records, surpassing him for most individual contributions to a presidential campaign during the year before the election. His relentless devotion to the needs of the American middle class and his refusal to get drawn into interparty politics has enshrined him as a breath of fresh air in this political cycle, being the only candidate who is running a campaign that would be legal in the years before a George W. Bush appointed Supreme Court made the Citizens United decision, which unleashed a flood of corporate money into the war chests of Republican Party candidates.

Sanders’ campaign released a statement highlighting the self-proclaimed democratic socialist candidate’s popularity with Americans, expressed through their generous donations and their bountiful online support:

“His campaign has now received more contributions than any other candidate at this point in any White House bid – more than 2.3 million contributions. The Sanders campaign crossed that mark during the debate as grassroots supporters flooded the website. The average contribution for the night to the Sanders campaign was below $25.”

Pres. Obama came close at in 2011 with 2,209,636 individual donations, but Sanders has  just beat this incredible number and continues to gain momentum with each passing day. 

It turns out that Americans are incredibly receptive to Bernie’s brand of democratic socialism, and they are putting their money where their beliefs are. Bernie Sanders has stuck to his dream of improving the lives of the American middle class, bringing quality healthcare at affordable prices for all, and reining in the onerous power of the Wall Street oligarchs with a bulldog like persistence. His message is resonating with the American population much more heavily than any of the insincere promises coming from the Republican Party.

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