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Domestic Terrorists Celebrate Christmas By Torching Houston Mosque

Domestic Terrorists Celebrate Christmas By Torching Houston Mosque

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Bigots in Texas decided to celebrate their Christmas by giving hate and terror to others by torching yet another mosque. The blaze heavily damaged the masjid and several surrounding businesses with heavy smoke on Christmas Day. Representatives from the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) have confirmed that the multiple origin points of the fire indicate suspicious activity; the fact that this occurred barely a week after another mysterious mosque fire in California indicates that copycat arsons are beginning to happen around the country. Arson appears to be a favored tactic among domestic terrorists, who are notorious for torching Planned Parenthood clinics and black churches in the South.

The frequency with which mosques or other Islamic places of worship have been burnt or attacked in the United States following the Donald Trump’s incendiary anti-Muslim rhetoric and calls to close the border to all Muslims are extremely damaging. Hate crimes are being committed against innocent American Muslims and followers of other religions that are targeted for their dress or merely their use of a language that isn’t English with every passing day. 

Americans are painfully ignorant the intricate histories, religions, and cultures (including their own), which is how rabble-rousing demagogues like Donald Trump are able to incite so much hate against Muslims and immigrants. Conservative suspicion of anything not white, blond, and Christian is a terrible detriment to our social unity and a source of constant racism in our nation. We cannot allow these racist provocateurs to terrorize our fellow citizens just to satisfy their own fears and prejudices. 

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