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Deranged Christian Shoots Atheist, Hides Corpse And Begins To Worship It

Deranged Christian Shoots Atheist, Hides Corpse And Begins To Worship It

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Following a surreal display of apparent religious lunacy, Anitra Braxton, a 39-year-old Phoenix woman, was charged with first-degree murder after police found the body of an unidentified woman on a couch in Braxton’s apartment, who the accused referred to as “a shrine from God.”  

According to Fox News 10, Police responded to a tip that a dead African-American woman was covered in a towel laying on the sofa in Braxton’s apartment. Initially, Braxton told police that no one was inside her apartment and that she lives alone. However, the responding police officer/s noticed what appeared to be a body on the sofa and arrested Braxton. Consequently, the police obtained a warrant to search the apartment and “found the body of a towel-covered woman on the couch. The victim had sustained a gunshot wound to the head” – compounding  the tragedy, “police said that evidence suggested the victim had been pregnant.”

During questioning, Braxton first told police that person on the couch was a “shrine from God and was actually her own body” as she said her own name in an answer to the question about who the victim was. She later admitted that “she had shot the victim in the eye for not believing in God.” Braxton also told police that the body had been on the couch for “two or three days” and evidence the police found seems to suggest Braxton cleaned the apartment during those few days. 

While the investigation is ongoing and Braxton’s relationship to the victim still remains unknown, keep in mind this is Arizona – one of the easiest states in the country to obtain a gun.  Arizona, an open carry as well as a concealed carry state, requires no state permit, licensing, or registration to purchase and own a handgun – as long as you are over 21 years of age. So no one should be surprised that Braxton, who may hold some bizarre perverted religious reviews for which she is willing to commit murder, had very easy access to a gun to carry them out.


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