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"Responsible Gun Owner" Kills Own Daughter, Believing She Was Intruder

"Responsible Gun Owner" Kills Own Daughter, Believing She Was Intruder

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In yet another tragic gun-related accident, a Florida woman shot her 27-year-old daughter to death after mistaking her for an intruder late Tuesday night. The mother, Sherry Campbell, awoke from her sleep just before midnight to hear someone entering the house and approaching her. Thinking it was an intruder, she fired one fatal shot, only to discover that it was her own daughter, Ashley Doby, returning home late at night.

The young woman died at a local St. Cloud hospital. The 911 call was made by St. Cloud Police Cpl. Claude Campbell, Jr., the step-father of the victim. However, he was asleep during the incident, and thought his step-daughter was having a problem with her pacemaker – failing to mention during the five minute 911 call that she had taken a bullet to the chest. Although gun advocates like to proclaim that owning guns makes a house safer, they refuse to acknowledge the thousands of people that are injured or killed in gun-related accidents each year. Nearly 2,000 people were involved in (reported) accidental shootings in 2015 alone, and there has been almost one shooting a week carried out by a toddler under the age of three.

Similar incidents have happened in Florida, a state notorious for its lax gun laws and a distinctive tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. In June, a 16-year-old boy was shot to death by his brother with a semi-automatic handgun, after the brother again mistook him for an intruder. It is for these reasons that over 2,000 medical doctors signed a petition urging Congress to admit that gun violence is a public health epidemic that needs to be investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “As a pediatrician,” said Dr. Nina Agrawal, “I am deeply troubled that gun violence is a leading cause of death in children.”

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