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Busted: Bundy "Militia" Supporter Caught Building Bombs To Use Against Federal Agents

Busted: Bundy "Militia" Supporter Caught Building Bombs To Use Against Federal Agents

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The lack of reprisal or any reaction at all against the Bundy militia, who are still entrenched in a federal wildlife refuge in Malheur, Oregon, is apparently beginning to inspire others to plot against federal authorities. A California man has been arrested for making threats against police and federal agents. A search of his home found multiple explosives, firearms and booby traps – leading to him being charged with “three counts of possession of a destructive device or explosive near a public place, three counts of making a destructive device without a permit, three counts of possessing a destructive device and one count of being in possession of a firearm while under a 10-year prohibition,” reports the Daily Independent.

He is being held on $2 million bail, so he probably won’t be making it out anytime soon. His social media presence was filled with the usual kind of bizarre and nonsensical, vaguely anti-government rants that would seem to imply that he supports the Bundy movement or was inspired by them, but in all honestly they are nearly unintelligible and indicate either an extremely low level of education or some kind of mental issues: 

“Bundy Ranch? We the People Lost Jorden Hot Spring. Evil Goverment. Found More Evil. B.L.M. Run People Out of Back Country Area’s forced to City & Homeless??? I Know of Many, Thinking Back. A Lot of Vet’s to. & Foristry Would Not Renew Jordan Hot Spring Area. & Distroy the Area it Was Heaven. Many People Lots A Very Nice Vacation Now Gone. Evil Goverment

GOD Gave You EveryThing You Need, Is On the Planet GOD Made Many Clues In the Bible. Find What God Left For You. Treasure Hunting The Bible. Gold Every Where. Miss Guided. Devil Marijuana.Beleve in Your Self & What GOD Gave Us. Free Medical, Free Energy. Very Evil Goverment (sic).”

This incident reveals two things – that there are a disturbingly large number of people like this out there, and they all have ready access to firearms and explosives. This man appears to be more of a danger to himself than to others,  but it just goes to show how much senseless anti-government rage is out there, fanned and encouraged by conservative media, which use materializes in the form of violence directed against the most obvious symbols of authority- our police. 

h/t to Raw Story

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