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Obama Reveals Five AWESOME Good Luck Charms He Has In His Pocket

Obama Reveals Five AWESOME Good Luck Charms He Has In His Pocket

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President Obama has revealed himself, once again, to be a cultured and sophisticated cosmopolitan – down to the things he carries in his pocket! He revealed to YouTube videoblogger (“vlogger”) Ingrid Nilsen that he carries a number of charms and tokens that have been given to him over the years. The stories of the gifters and the meaning behind their gifts is an important inspiration to him.

“Ever since I started running for office, people started handing me things when I’d speak to a crowd — lucky charms or keepsakes or things that meant something to them” said the President. His charms include:

  1. Rosary beads, given to him by Pope Francis
  2. a small statue of Buddha, given to him by a Buddhist monk
  3. A lucky poker chip, given to him by an Iowan biker
  4. a small statue of Hanuman, a Hindu god who is a vanara (half-man, half-ape)
  5. a cross from the Ethiopian Coptic sect, an ancient offshoot of Christianity

He says he has many more that he keeps in a bowl on his desk, but the rosary given to him by the Pope is one of his most treasured possessions.  “I so admire him and it makes me think about peace and promoting understanding and ethical behavior.”

On cue, conservatives exploded with fury, falling over themselves to disparage the President as a blasphemer, and a heretic, and a Muslim, and all other sorts of incredible drivel that is the knee-jerk reaction of zealots, a primitive ejaculation of fear and disgust at being faced with the unknown, too simple to comprehend the appreciation for other cultures and beliefs. President Obama has proved once again that he is a man of the world, one who respects all cultures and faiths equally – the way a true leader of the free world should.

From the fascist hate-rag known as Breibart:

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