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Watch: Donna Brazile Blasts "Liar" Palin For Blaming Obama For Her Son's Criminal Acts

Watch: Donna Brazile Blasts "Liar" Palin For Blaming Obama For Her Son's Criminal Acts

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In this clip, CNN political commentator Donna Brazile tears into Sarah Palin for her absurd allegations that somehow President Obama is responsible for the arrest of her son Track Palin, who was booked after getting violently drunk (he blew a blood-alcohol content of 0.189), punching his girlfriend in the eye, and threatening to shoot himself with an AR-15. She is the latest of veteran advocates to take the Tea Party firebrand to task for turning her son’s implied PTSD into an excuse to take potshots at the President – who did not send her son to war:

“I care for all veterans — I am the daughter of a veteran. And to go out there and to insinuate that the president of the United States is trying to hurt veterans when in fact he is trying to put more resources so that we can give our young and old veterans the care we need, that’s just a damn lie. You can say Donna Brazile said it. I approve this message.”

She’s absolutely right. Brazile rightfully attacks Republicans in Congress for cutting $1.4 billion in veterans’ funds while they continuously disparage the President, unfairly accusing him of “disrespecting the troops” and for having a “weak” foreign policy. Negotiation and compromise is not “bending over backward to the enemy,” as Palin put it. It is how the leader of a global superpower should be behaving – in a sophisticated and pragmatic manner.

Watch it here:

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