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Watch: Snyder Gets Called Out For Poisoning Water To Save Pennies While Wasting Billions On Tax Cuts For The Rich

Watch: Snyder Gets Called Out For Poisoning Water To Save Pennies While Wasting Billions On Tax Cuts For The Rich

In this clip, the Republican Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, is called out by a local news channel for his astonishing corporate tax cuts, which blew a tremendous hole in the budget and prompted Snyder’s appointed emergency manager of cash-strapped Flint to switch from the clean Detroit water system to the heavily polluted Flint River water, in an attempt to save some money which ended up poisoning a city of a hundred thousand souls.

The interviewer does not mince his words:”In your time as governor, you cut business taxes $2 billion dollars a year? We got substandard water service in Flint to save $2 million dollars a year. Question is, whose interest do you serve? Corporate’s welfare? Or the public’s welfare? Who is first in your heart and on your desk?”

Snyder, of course, waffles and swears that he serves the people, bringing up unrelated achievements in an attempt to divert the line of questioning. But his interviewer won’t let him punt on this. “We could have found $2 million in that $2 billion tax cut. Do you regret it?”

Snyder refused to say that he regretted it.

Governor Rick Snyder has implemented one of the most baffling and backwards tax plans in the entire nation. Snyder slashed corporate tax rates to 6% and instituted an absurd flat tax which shoved the burden onto the lowest-income people, leaving the state with $1.7 billion less in corporate tax and $900 million more a year from the pockets of working Americans while multinational corporations and the wealthy made out like bandits. Then, when it turned out that yet another Republican state had blown their deficit sky-high, the poor and mostly African-American citizens of Flint had to pay the price – with their health. Snyder has just been called to appear before Congress and explain himself – the nation awaits their judgement.

Watch it here:

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