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Gunmerica: Drunk Motorist Gets Stuck In Snow, Fatally Shoots Rescuer

Gunmerica: Drunk Motorist Gets Stuck In Snow, Fatally Shoots Rescuer

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A North Carolina man was shot and killed on Friday when he and some friends tried to help a man whose car had driven off the icy road.

Three people pulled over to help when they saw a car stranded at the edge of a highway. But when they approached the driver, they found him belligerent and apparently intoxicated. Not sure what to do, the good Samaritans discussed calling the police, but when the troubled driver heard mention of police, he began firing at the very people trying to help him.

While two managed to get away, one was hit by the gunfire. The driver then approached the wounded victim and fired multiple shots. After the shooting, he went back to his car, which would not move, and waited for the police to arrive in an armored vehicle. The man was eventually taken into custody, where he faces charges for homicide.

Winter storm conditions can be dangerous, and even deadly – but in America, the constant threat of gun violence is even more severe. Although not all such incidents could be prevented, this again points to the need for stricter gun regulation. According to the NRA website [], North Carolina does not require registration of handguns, and does not require handgun owners to be licensed. “There are no state licensing requirements to possess a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.”

While the police should be lauded for arresting the shooter peacefully, the contrast with the police shooting of an African-American child playing with a toy gun is stark. Just as we have seen with the gentle treatment of the occupation of a federal wildlife reserve by right-wing fanatics, the application of law enforcement in this country is far from consistent, and the flood of guns only makes the situation worse.

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