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Outrage: After Shooting Innocent Son Dead, Cleveland Orders Family To Pay $500 Ambulance Fee

Outrage: After Shooting Innocent Son Dead, Cleveland Orders Family To Pay $500 Ambulance Fee

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The murder of Tamir Rice by the Cleveland Police in 2012 and the subsequent acquittal of his killers was one of the biggest miscarriages of justice our nation has ever seen. There is no reasoning that can excuse the use of lethal force against a twelve-year-old child in the park; they didn’t even try to get him to come quietly. To add heinous insult to heartbreaking loss, Cleveland has filed a creditor’s claim against the Rice family for $500, ordering them to pay for the emergency medical service fee.

That’s right. The city of Cleveland murdered a child in cold blood, and then ordered his family to pay for the ambulance that took his body to the hospital. “That the city would submit a bill and call itself a creditor after having had its own police officers slay 12-year-old Tamir displays a new pinnacle of callousness and insensitivity” said family attorney Subodh Chandra angrily. “The kind of poor judgment that it takes to do such a thing is nothing short of breathtaking. Who on earth would think this was a good idea and file this on behalf of the city? This adds insult to homicide. The mayor and law director should apologize to the Rice family and withdraw this filing immediately.”

If there’s one thing that makes it alarmingly clear that black lives don’t matter in America, it’s this.

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