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Watch: FOX News’ Legal Analyst Blasts Republicans For Blocking Obama’s Replacement To Supreme Court

Watch: FOX News’ Legal Analyst Blasts Republicans For Blocking Obama’s Replacement To Supreme Court

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In this clip from this morning’s Fox & Friends, conservative pundit Peter Johnson Jr. criticizes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the rest of his obstructionist party for declaring off the bat that they will refuse to consider any nominee the President would name, no matter who it was.

“No, I think the Republicans have to re-calibrate immediately. Part of the reason the ‘outsiders’ are doing so well is that they are disgusted with the Congress of the United States, Democrats and Republicans, and so if you’re a Republican leader to say, ‘we’re not going to countenance any nomination any person, any nomination the President puts up’, that’s a problem. They’re going to have a countdown and a clock on the intransigence of the United States Senate going forward.

In order to be true to conservative principles, in order to be to be true to the Constitution, in order to be true to the memory of Justice Scalia, then you say yes, Mr. President, send who you want over, and we’re going to look at that man or woman, and we’re going to make a determination, because you obviously have decided in spite of precedence, you want to force the issue. Fine, if you want to force the issue, force the issue, and we in due time, in making a nomination, will decide whether to consent to that nomination to the United States Supreme Court. Republicans need to step it back for a moment, we’re going to grieve for Justice Scalia, then we’re going to make a determination about where we are. There’s no line in the sand.”

It is absolutely astonishing to see Congressional Republicans and presidential candidates abandon their conservative principles and their devotion to the Constitution just to provoke yet another partisan gridlock over filling a gap in the our nation’s highest court, and even FOX News agrees that it’s absurd.

Watch it here, courtesy of MediaMatters. Skip to :40 if you’d rather not listen to Ted Cruz soundbytes.

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