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Breaking: Court Chooses To Hear “Birther” Case On Ted Cruz’s Eligibility For Presidency

Breaking: Court Chooses To Hear “Birther” Case On Ted Cruz’s Eligibility For Presidency

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The implicitly racist “birther” phenomenon that attempted to discredit Barack Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency has come full circle and has finally claimed a victim – except this time, it’s a Republican. It couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate victim than Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), the despised religious extremist and iconoclastic anti-government radical. Ever since Ted Cruz and current Republican front-runner Donald Trump turned against each other, Trump has been whipping up a birther frenzy – and has threatened his own lawsuit – against the Canadian-born Senator in an effort to discredit his biggest rival. Turns out that frenzy is going to have its day in court.

Lawrence Joyce, a Ben Carson supporter, has been granted a hearing by Judge Maureen Ward Kirby of the Cook County Circuit Court to hear arguments against Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be on the Illinois primary ballot next month. Cruz insists that he is eligible since his mother is an American citizen, but there is no precedent for this under constitutional law and the issue is still murky.

Joyce explained that “what I fear is that Ted Cruz becomes the nominee, come September, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida will go forward with his threats and probably several other Democrats will file suit to prevent Ted Cruz from being on the ballot. And at that point, I fear they’ll get a string of victories in the lower courts and the funding for Ted Cruz would dry up, his numbers would plummet in the polls, he may be forced to give up the nomination.”

It is deliciously ironic to see a Republican candidate caught up in the nativist purity test that Republican voter base has been trained to demand by foolish Republicans seeking to delegitimize President Obama’s historic achievements. It’s even funnier since Cruz’s own father, the notably deranged Rafael Cruz, espoused birtherism himself when he said that “I’d like to send [Pres. Obama] back to Kenya, back to Indonesia.”

Sen. Ted Cruz is a hated and malicious figure with little regard for anything but his own ambition. He made his fame on division and spite rather than unity and leadership; he is more known for his outrageous lies and disgusting hypocrisy. It would be beautifully poetic if he made it this far only to be devoured by the ravenous beast of xenophobic nationalism that he himself helped cultivate.


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