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Leaked Tape Catches Trump Begging Mika: Don’t Ask Me “Anything Too Hard” (AUDIO)

Leaked Tape Catches Trump Begging Mika: Don’t Ask Me “Anything Too Hard” (AUDIO)

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Newly leaked audio confirms common accusations that the mainstream media is deliberately pandering to and colluding with Donald Trump in their incessant quest for ratings. While it’s been obvious for quite a while now that conservative blowhard Joe Scarborough and his compliant partner, Mika Brzezinski are very fond of Trump and constantly have him on their show to answer softball questions, these new revelations show Trump asking them specifically to “take it easy on him” before last week’s “town hall,” where he was faced with questions about his poll numbers and “why he wants to be President,” instead of any questions about his absurd policy proposals or inability to give substantial details about any of his ideas.

“Do you not want me to do, the um, the ones with, um, deportation?” asks Mika, “We really do have to go to some questions,” adds Joe. “That’s right. Nothing too hard, Mika” responded Trump – to which Mika agrees. No questions about his proposed mass deportations were asked. The audio also reveals this telling exchange:

TRUMP: “I watched your show this morning. You have me almost as a legendary figure, I like that. You, you get great ratings and a raise. Me, I get nothing. This will make us all look good.”


It is absolutely shameful how the mainstream media has abandoned any pretense at journalism in their rush to cover the carnival of Trump. He’s been given so much free airtime that he doesn’t need to purchase any airtime, giving him a powerful advantage against his equally reprehensible rivals. In case you needed any proof, here’s a very telling tweet from Nick Confessore, a New York Times political reporter:

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