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New Hampshire Republican Defends Trump: “The Pope Is The Anti-Christ”

New Hampshire Republican Defends Trump: “The Pope Is The Anti-Christ”

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The bizarre feud between Republican Donald Trump and Pope Francis has taken a sharp turn into the realm of absolute lunacy. A New Hampshire Republican state representative, Susan DeLemus, has declared that the patriarch of Catholicism and one of the world’s most influential humanitarians is in fact, the “anti-Christ.”

You read that correctly. After the Pope declared that those who want to build walls instead of bridges aren’t true Christians in an implicit condemnation of Trump’s plan to construct a massively expensive and impractical border wall, American conservatives rose in an uproar. So-called Christians began attacking and condemning the Pope for daring to speak out against Trump’s heartless immigration policies and his use of rampant ethnonationalist discrimination, culminating in this little bit of idiocy:


It is still unclear what “research” she could possibly be referring to. Lemus previously had a moment of fame when she gave a deranged and paranoid speech at a pro-Trump focus group, in which she said that President Obama “lies all the time” and that Trump “says what I am thinking.” It is absolutely mind-boggling to see the Trump effect on rabid conservatives, who are apparently willing to turn on everything they once held dear the moment it dares to call out Donald Trump for his lies and bigotry. He continues to rise in the polls no matter what he says or does; it doesn’t look like anything at this point can stop him from winning the Republican nomination.


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