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Watch: Danny Glover Gives A Rousing Speech In Support of Bernie Sanders

Watch: Danny Glover Gives A Rousing Speech In Support of Bernie Sanders

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In this powerful clip, world-famous actor turned political activist Danny Glover opens a Bernie Sanders rally with a rousing and impassioned speech. Focusing on the mass incarceration of African-Americans, Glover implores the nation to support this “historic” campaign and enact real, substantial change in this nation.

“From the mayor to Congress, to the Senate, he’s been there working! It’s not the time you spent, its the substance you make out of that time! And that’s what Bernie Sanders is about!” yells Glover. “We’re all a part of history. We’re making our history right here at this moment, with the choices that we make! And it isn’t it amazing to know that we’re building not only a movement but building that movement right in the face of a presidential election!”

It is a moving and passionately delivered speech that truly encapsulates the grassroots energy of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Glover’s voice carries the vigorous energy that animates the candidate and his followers; inflamed with a desire for change that is reminiscent of President Obama’s 2008 campaign – but with a compelling urgency that really puts the state of our union into a sharp perspective.

Watch it here:

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